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Design is an artform that grows within a set of boundaries. The ultimate goal is to showcase your ideas, work, product, service, and yourself. All the art courses, including printmaking, painting, sculpture, etching, drawing, and the knowledge of the tools (paintbrush, chisel, Photoshop, etc), give you the opportunity to convert what is in your mind into a creation. The rest, is just imagination.

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Final project for Emerson College graduate-level course in Integrated Marketing Management. The assignment was to come up with an energy drink for Coca Cola to compete with Red Bull back, which dominated the market in 2004. Our team came up with a product extension that Coca Cola already had - the Powerade sports drink that went up against Gatorade. We decided to use an already known product and create a complete line of sports drinks - Powerade Pregame, Powerade, and Powerade Postgame. The idea is to drink the Pregame for the energy, regular Powerade to hydrate, and Postgame to help body recovery. We found that people would like this type of drink because even the most unathletic people will drink something to make themselves feel more athletic. The Powerade Pregame was also a lot smaller in volume - so that it would not weigh you down. The Postgame was formulated with optimum recovery, filled with protein, amino acids, and vitamins. We came up with mock designs of the product and below is a viewable Powerpoint presentation of our project.

Powerpoint Presentation (Click here)

A few months later, Coca Cola released the Full Throttle line of energy drinks, but never gave Red Bull much of a run. In 2010, Gatorade introduced the G-Series, which included Prime 01, Perform 02, and Recover 03 - essentially the same idea as our mock Powerade lineup even down to the portioning of the products.


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